My paintings reflect my inner world, I would call it a «garden». What is this garden like? It is often abstract, a little bit chaotic or on the contrary - pretty much ordered, or even unpredictable, somewhat bright..

In my artworks I am ponding over the fleeting of time. The idea of seizing the moment is opposed to the pursuit of momentary pleasure in a consumer’s society.

Awareness becomes means of slowing down and perceiving the beauty of nature here and now. Using the images of flowers, I analyze the transience of life and draw a parallel between human life and the stages of a plant’s growth (luxuriance of blossoming - slow withering). Flowers in my paintings can be dramatic tended to destruction...or they can be fragrant and full of life, thus reflecting the ever-changing character of our days.

I prefer black (dark) background for paintings: it helps me to emphasise how fragile and vulnerable is the soul of a flower, reveal its fleeting beauty, which strives to be noticed during these odd times. Thanks to the black tones of the background other colors become saturated while the whole image gains its structure. Using this dark, deep non-existence as a basis, I derive intuitive images which are recognized as silhouettes of flowers by the spectator.

In my artistic practice I prefer oil as media and also canvas or paper.

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